Babyward Ho!

Babies are the most precious and loved symbols of new beginnings. They lead the way to our future as parents and bring all of humankind to a whole new, sparkling world. The miracle that is birth, the awe that a newborn baby inspires, and the hope that springs forth makes everyone look upward and forward. Everyone instinctively loves babies – in fact, a part of the human brain is specifically active within less than a second, even to unfamiliar infant faces, but not to adult faces. That’s right; humans are wired to adore babies and to protect them!

Parenting is such a fantastic journey! Even though some things may get a bit complex by a small, unique and vulnerable person joining the family, new parents experience great joy! Each new milestone is oohed and aahed over, and shared and reshared with family and close friends. Parents soon get savvy about what the baby likes or dislikes, and get intimately familiar with baby routines. Many questions will be asked and answered with time, like, does your baby love or hate baths? Was that a smile or did the baby just poop? When will they sleep through the night? Soon, we hope 😊. As parents, we must learn from how the baby reacts to a new stimulus, like how they respond to their new toy, to a new song, and quite significantly, to their clothing. Babies love soft, snug fabric against their skin, and will whimper and fuss when they feel anything scratchy. But when you get it right, like with the premium organic cotton clothing at Tiny Twig, you will find babies sleeping more, eating better and even smiling more!

As the baby grows, so do some of their challenges, and hence parents need to continue to look for authentic information. Everyone agrees that babies deserve the best, but what is best for babies? Not everyone knows. Many can be misled by other misguided parents, or driven by fears and or even superstitions. Is the baby hot or cold? How much tummy time do they need? Is it even safe for them to be on their belly? Should they be in layers or not? Will wool keep them warm? Is the fleece soft enough? Oh, the confusion! We fully acknowledge the surrounding noise and misinformation, especially about baby clothing. At Tiny Twig, we as responsible parents and designers listen to babies, their parents and also doctors. Since skin is our largest organ, we need to protect it, and allow it to thrive! With breathable fabric, carefully curated accessories, fuss-free designs, and smart, safe shoulder to ankle zippers, we ensure a growing child’s clothing allows fully free and robust movement. Tiny Twig speaks from the heart when we say we love babies and want to clothe every baby in our best, most comfortable outfits! For more than a decade, we have swaddled and dressed thousands of happy, content infants and toddlers – and now we are raring to get bigger, bolder, and more adventurous! Join Tiny Twig and our dear, dear Kirra Koala (baby’s BFF!) here, where we can share our love and understanding of babies, and care for each other, and also have fun while learning along the way. We promise a safe space where we give apt, soft solutions to some rough, uncomfortable problems. Go on, new momma, say what you feel – we are listening to YOU and yours!

And we’ll be right back! We got a bit side-tracked by some happy gurgles and cheers from a snug, just-cuddled Tiny Twig baby and naughty Kirra!